Insurance & Underwriting

Streamlining processes and meeting business goals is a constant, ever-moving target.

Insurance Processing that Drives Value

Maximizing organizational value is vital to any organization. VBell's Insurance support services for IMOs, Insurance Carriers, Insurance service companies, Broker & General Alliance companies, and Examination companies help clients to operate efficiently, reduce cost and have faster turnaround times.


VBell's experienced insurance professionals reduce your staff's workload, improving efficiency, increasing productivity and growing top-line revenue.

Medical Record


 We offers fast and dependable APS retrieval service, freeing your resources to devote their attention to core tasks

Case Management Services

We simplify the agency’s role by managing  Insurance cases from submission to commission

Medical Record Summarization

We earned a reputation as the industry’s best provider of simple and comprehensive APS summarization services.

Commission Management

Our goal is to help you unlock value through the adoption of industry best practices without disrupting your corporate culture.



Our experienced underwriters have over 12 yrs., of experience with life, health, disability, and long-term care products. 

Licensing and Contracting

We strive to equip licensors and licensing agents alike with tools and services to reach consumers around the globe

Key Benefits

Connect with an expert to find the best solution for your business

Billing specialists with experience in handling end-to-end functions

Faster turnaround time, Quality output and significant savings in process costs

Data Quality, Call Quality and workflow processes include stringent compliance standards such as HIPAA, ISO 9001-2015 etc