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Data Volume

Proactive Analytics

Using data right can unlock unlimited business value and a future full of opportunities. Make data your greatest asset.

Mixed Workload

Query Concurrency

Data Latency

Query Complexity

Query Response Time

Schema Sophistication

Query Data Volume

Data and analytics underpin six disruptive models, and certain characteristics make individual domains susceptible

Archetype of disruption

Domains that could be disrupted

Indicators of potential for disruption:

  • Assets are underutilized due to inefficient signaling

  • Supply/demand mismatch

  • Dependence on large amounts of personalized data

  • Data is siloed or fragmented

  • Large value in combining data from multiple sources

  • R&D is core to the business model

  • Decision making is subject to human biases

  • Speed of decision making limited by human constraints

  • Large value associated with improving accuracy of prediction

SOURCE: McKinsey Global Institue analysis

Business models enabled by orthogonal data

Hyperscale, real-time matching

Radical personalization

Massive data integration capabilities

Data-driven discovery

Enhanced decision making

  • Insurance

  • Healthcare

  • Human capital/talent

  • Transportation and logistics

  • Automotive

  • Smart cities and Infrastructure

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Media

  • Education

  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Public sector

  • Human capital/talent

  • Lifesciences and phara

  • Material sciences

  • Technology

  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Public sector

  • Human capital / talent

Analytics Offerings

Our solutions focus on extracting valuable and relevant data points from vast amounts of raw and unstructured information. These key insights help management make important business decisions that can help reduce operational churn, improve customer satisfaction, and find innovative new ways to strategize operations and optimize revenue.

Data Modeling

Our Data Science team will help your organization not only better understand customer behaviors, but begin to predict outcomes. We’ll apply streaming analytics where appropriate to make recommendations in real-time that can improve those outcomes or prevent unwanted actions. Whether personalizing offers, preventing fraud, or optimizing manufacturing yield, our data science team will bring meaningful analytics that can scale.

Visual Analytics

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual Analytics is the use of visual representations to understand abstract data through the speed of comprehension and understanding. Common visual analytics techniques include Treemaps, Heat Maps, and Graph Drawing.

If your organization needs help getting to the right answer faster through visualization of complex and voluminous data, our experts at VBell are ready to help.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence platforms are continuously improving allowing BI professionals and end-users to create sophisticated reports, dashboards, and ad-hoc analytics through increasingly intuitive interfaces. VBell has over 16 years of experience in the business intelligence field across dozens of different platforms.


Our BI Architects can quickly interpret business needs and create BI solutions that provide the data that decision-makers need.

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